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Hockey Brings the Winter

Today it snowed in Prague for the first time this winter.  It was just a light flurry, more for ambiance than anything, like the winter sky was giving us a knowing wink to declare itself and affirm that it isn’t going anywhere … Continue reading

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What do you do in Prague when you don’t drink?

Today was another dreary winter day in Prague: overcast and gloomy.  At least the weather front that had first driven in a ferocious wind storm bent on sweeping me off my feet and then icey rain that tormented my snow-craved mind … Continue reading

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Šťastný Nový Rok! Happy New Years!

Happy New Year to everyone who still reads this blog.   In the style you’ve grown accustomed to I have delayed this entry nearly a week from the event to gather my thoughts on the subject.  It took this long … Continue reading

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Eight Candles and a Kid from Prague

I’m a small town boy with a big family from a four-season part of the world.  How can there be Christmas without the necessary ingredients: snow, stockings and a rowdy bunch of misfits gathered in celebration?  It’s impossible – like … Continue reading

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