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A teacher in a foreign country encounters a natural amount of curiosity as to why they’re in that particular place.  Czechs, in particular, aren’t a very nationalistic people.  While they like their country, there is a certain unspoken assumption that other places are … Continue reading

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Nail Bar

When I first heard of “Nail Bar*,” I was horrified: picturing New York’s Beauty Bar – where you can get a $10 manicure/cocktail combination during happy hour.  “There’s no way I’m being dragged to another bar reeking of nail polish … Continue reading

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What the what?

I was riding the tram back from a job.  It was an auspicious morning until the conductor rousted a comically round, desperately homeless gypsy from the train.  He was ticket-less and asleep.  When asked to leave the gypsy (whose bulbous stomach poked … Continue reading

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A German Christmas, Pt. 2

The morning of Christmas eve – the day after I arrived in Dresden – Anne, Frank, Martha and I set out for Lackau where Anne’s parents Reinhard and Marita live.  There had been freezing rain throughout the night which left a fine … Continue reading

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