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Raves come and go, literally…

This was unexpected and to my everlasting shame – I didn’t have a camera. While I was staying in the center of the city, we often had to run up and down the six flights of stairs to let people … Continue reading

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From the Walls of the Castle Vyšehrad

Shout out to Chris Longano!  This city has a history to rival New York: you’d get lost in it. From the walls of the castle Vyšehrad (pronounced Vishayhrud) the first Czech Kings surveyed Prague.  Last week I walked them as night fell … Continue reading

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The Scots Invade Prague

It started on Thursday morning with a trickle of kilts and blue shirts through Old Town Square: hardly noticeable amidst the flood of nationalities that regularly tour the city (not to mention that I was already distracted because someone had … Continue reading

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Because you wanted to know about food…

In response to comments requesting more pictures and discussion of food (as the name of the blog implies it entails); today we have  a discussion of TROUT! The Czechs love fish but being a landlocked country they don’t have access … Continue reading

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A ghost in the hallway?

Shout out to Stacy Lazar and the Benediksta flat!  She lived there and will be able to picture this story better than most. The thing to know about the flat that I was living in up until this morning is … Continue reading

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