Teacher Profile

By Celine Wagner

Ian is 19 years old, he’s born in New York 1984?  (in his fave countre) Ian has brawn hair and brawn eyes.  He is 1m and 88cm tall?  He likes to smile and he likes to teach.  Ian’s hobby is canoeing and drawing.  He likes canoeing because he likes the river and he said it is all ways beautiful on the river.  He likes drawing because then he always remember where he was.  IAN’S fave food is like my sushi, he also likes hamburger but I don’t like that.  His best friend called Begay [BJ] and his nature name Snake.  Ian’s fave animal called a dog and I like dogs too! That is IAN!!!!!!


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3 Responses to Teacher Profile

  1. Tanya Marvinney says:

    English quite good! Math?

  2. Tanya Marvinney says:

    Pretty accurate description as I see it…..

  3. TashaRose says:

    Fave food is like my sushi!

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