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It’s not just goulash and dumplings.


One of the greatest joys of the hectic schedule that employs me comes during the rare times when I have the time (and pocket money) to sit down for a hot lunch.  The Czechs are great about lunch.  They feature … Continue reading

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Crusti Croc

They may need to rethink this one before making a bid for the American market. The slogan “Crunch a Crusti Croc” may not have the desired effect with consumers.

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Because you wanted to know about food…

In response to comments requesting more pictures and discussion of food (as the name of the blog implies it entails); today we have  a discussion of TROUT! The Czechs love fish but being a landlocked country they don’t have access … Continue reading

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A one way ticket to Prague.

New York in the summer can be frustrating.  It’s incredibly hot, and not the fun heat of childhood summers where running barefoot in the grass is interrupted with a dash through the sprinkler. This is the grey, city heat of cooked … Continue reading

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