Pool Party

The morning started cloudy but as the afternoon wore on the sun came out and clouds dispersed behind the mountains.  When I was done with afternoon program I was itchy hot and dying to go to the pool where half the staff had spent the afternoon with the older campers.  The only person who was interested was Catie, our program manager, and she had to work.  

After fifteen minutes in the office she finally broke away leaving us with 40 minutes to get dressed, get to the pool and be back before dinner.  I ran up to my room drawing an entourage of campers who’ve never seen me run outside a game and calls of “Ian, what happened? What’s going on?”  “Don’t worry about it,” I responded and brushed past them.

Bang bang, I changed then ran down stairs.  I then had to find Dassie, who had the pool passes; find the passes;  get a campers full name for my boss; and provide two kids with candy they’d bought the day before.  By the time I ran out the front door I was itching with sweat.  Meg who was leading an evening program with me asked “Ian, do you know where the Scattegories materials are?”

“I’ll care about that later!” I shouted while running past her.

Catie was pulling the car around when I got to the driveway and we drove through Piesendorf with the controlled urgency of a student who’s late for class but under the eyes of the hall monitor.

When we got to the pool both of us walked quickly through the gates, down to the grass, stripped off and then dove into the deep end.  We swam across the pool, slid over the barrier into the kiddy area and went up to the water slide.  We did three quick runs down the slide.  Then spent five minutes relaxing under the mushroom fountain in the kiddy pool.  Then three more freestyle slides (racking up a personal best of seven 360’s in one run) and we were off.

We got back in time for our 6:10 meeting and I had to take my towel to dinner but I can’t imagine a better way to spend my precious free time.

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