The Tiger and the Deer

Today one of our special needs campers had a break down.  Right before dinner he was mute, in tears and unresponsive.  I sat down to dinner with him at the back of the dinning hall and searched for something to pull him out of his funk.  Then I pulled my notebook out, wrote a sentence and asked him if he’d help me finish my story.  This is what we wrote during the best meal I’ve had at camp.

The Tiger and the Deer

Jack was a tiger who lived in the jungle.  He loved hunting other animals all day.  

One day while he was hunting he saw an enormous deer, it was the biggest he’d ever see.  He tried to run away because he was scared but the deer followed him.  He realized that today he was being hunted by the deer.  At that moment Jack started to run as fast as he could, afraid that the deer would catch him.  

He ran past his favorite tree, over his favorite stream and through his favorite bush but still the deer followed.  That’s why Jack climbed the biggest tree he found.  

From the top of the tree he could see the deer at the bottom breathing heavily.  The deer started hitting the tree with his giant horns.  The tree was swinging forward and backward.  Jack was terrified because he couldn’t hold on much longer so he shouted at the top of his lungs, “What do you want!?”

Then the deer stopped for a bit and said, “You’ve killed all my children.  Now I am taking my revenge.”

Jack replied, “I’m sorry.  I only killed them because I was hungry.”

After that the deer stopped and started crying.  She said, “Even if you have done it because of the that what am I going to do now? I have no children left. My husband died years ago. I am all alone.”

Jack was shocked.  He never realized he was hurting anyone by hunting.  “I could stop hunting,” he suggested.

The deer answered, “No, you can’t. If you stop you will die.” 

“I could try eating fish.  There are plenty in my stream,” said Jack.

“That could work,” said the deer.  “My name is Jill.”

So Jack became a fisher and helped Jill protect all the animals of the forest from other tigers.

The End.

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One Response to The Tiger and the Deer

  1. TashaRose says:

    What an excellent story.

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