Personal Time?

This is the first personal time I’ve had in three days and it’s about to be interrupted by a meeting.

It all started on Sunday.  The dreaded arrivals day when 79 kids from as far as Hong Kong converged on our hotel in Austria.  My personal time ended at 7:30 as I left for the Salzburg airport to collect six arrivals.  After I returned I spent the day meeting campers, playing games and getting them settled.

Monday I had FLOP duty.  Floor Patrol.  This meant that on top of teaching an English class for the first time in a year and leading a basketball session that all of my free time was spent getting kids to activities on time.  You can imagine how many times I used the phrases “Let’s go” and “You’re late” that day.

Tuesday morning I almost got to play ping-pong with BJ but ended up preparing the English class.  After class we went straight into lunch and then I lead an all camp excursion to a waterfall an hour away.  There were problems with the buses and I ended up coming back with 42 kids on a public bus carrying twice it’s capacity.  Needless to say, we got back late and went right into meetings then dinner.  After dinner it was right into the evening activity.

Boom.  Three days with no free time.  Tomorrow, however, I should have an hour off in the afternoon.  Whoot whoot.



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One Response to Personal Time?

  1. Tanya Marvinney says:

    Ah, free time can be over rated.

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