Review Time

In outdoor education we value experiential learning: learning through doing.  To reinforce this process, after any new learning experience we hold review sessions to allow everyone to talk and think about what they’ve gained.

Now that we’re in summer camp reviews are a thing of the past.  Education has no place here.  We’re focused on FUN!

Today, however, we managed to squeak a review into our day.  BJ, Kayla and I led a kayaking session on the lake.  It was cloudy until the moment we pushed our boats off.  We demonstrated paddling technique  played some games and I got some people to get out of their boats on a 20 inch floating platform and seal launch into the water.

As the session was coming to a close BJ suggested doing a review and I got everyone to make a circle with their boats (something I’ve never tried before which works surprisingly well).  Then, floating in the middle of a massive lake surrounded by snow capped mountains  bleeding down into rich greenery, we each shared something that we love about camp so far and something that has been bothering us.

When everyone had shared we counted down from three, shouted “Oh Shit!” in unison, pushed away from each others boats and kept paddling.

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