They Are Coming

The last minute crush is on because they are coming.  Clean the common room, shave your face and stow your gear because they are coming.  Finish your lesson plans, charge your phone and fill you water bottle because they are coming.  The campers are almost here and we have two hours to finalize the details.

The last week was far less fun than the first.  The rain that annoyed the first weeks paddling adventures continued to build strength and unleash its fury until the middle of the week.  As a result we had to postpone most of our outdoor activities and focus on the adminstrative side during the first half of the week.  It’s not good to lock up a dozen outdoor education people in a room for a couple of days.  They become as restless as a tiger pacing his cage.  Luckily Monday afternoon we got to explore our cave and Tuesday afternoon featured climbing at our wet weather climbing site – inside of a cavernous pocket of limestone.

On the bright side, a lot of what we do is based around fun activities so every morning was spent teaching and playing games that we will later play with the kids.  Then as the sun came out mid-week we had a chance to break out into the activities that we will do with the kids.  First thing was the local high ropes course.  The following day we spent hiking all over the area and finished a very late day with an amazing canyoning adventure (unfortunately the water is too high for  students so the staff just slide down water slides and jumped of cliffs for our own personal fun.

Now I must sign off without adding more or editing because they are here….

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One Response to They Are Coming

  1. TashaRose says:

    It sounds like your castle is being stormed by a plague of youth. Which, I suppose in many senses, it is. Hope you get a good batch of kiddos!

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