On the Suicide Bridge

A long time ago I posted a picture and description of Nuselský most, Prague’s “Suicide Bridge,” in my post on “From the Walls of the Castle Vysehrad.”  At the time the bridge was a beautiful glowing line separating the city from the night sky.  It struck me as a surreal bit of architecture – a triumphant concrete relic of communism misplaced above the romantic buildings of Nusle.

At first it didn’t interest me – it’s a bit off the path that any tourist might take. – but after crossing it on foot and spending time in the neighborhood it towers above I’ve come to consider it as one of the great structures of Prague.  It’s every bit as interesting and a thousand times more useful than the castles, cathedrals and churches that draw in the crowds.

From the walls of the castle Vysehrad in daylight.

It’s a strange, impressive and utterly necessary construction because it connects two massive sections of the city by rail and car.

It towers over the neighborhood.

Damn it’s ugly.  The communists building material of choice was unadorned reinforced concrete.

In the distance is one of the tallest buildings in Czech.

As it’s nickname implies it’s been the sight of many suicides.  As such its been well covered to prevent jumpers (or at least make them go home for a ladder).

Shadowing a local soccer pitch.

It’s pregnant belly filled by one of Prague’s three metro lines.  It’s surface houses a four-lane highway.

People standing on it for scale.

Not only does it dwarf the neighborhood but it makes people look like toys.

Covering the railroad tracks, a gas station, several blocks and a park.

It’s really quite massive.

Need a roof?

It changes the sky.

What'd you expect?

It changes the horizon.

But what I really love is…


…how sometimes it just floats.

Rooftops leading up the Vysehrad

How it puts you above the city you normally walk through.

There is a train coming!

How it puts you above the trees and the traffic.

Sometimes the buildings just pile up.

It makes the city seem a little smaller, more unified, clearer.

Over the park, Nusle and Vysehrad in the distance.

I love how it changes your view and makes Prague all the more beautiful.

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