Plzeňské pivo z tanku

Czech isn’t so different from English.  The title of this article, for example, means “Pilsner beer from the tank.”  However, while the literally translation may be apparent I’m not quite sure that the meaning of “tank” is quite clear.  In the Czech Republic a keg of beer is for sissies.  Instead more and more pubs are starting to serve beer from massive tanks capable of holding ten hectolitres (264 gallons compared to a typical 15.5 gallon american keg).  This means that the Pilsner pub that I frequent, with it’s four tanks, is capable of holding 8,448 16oz beers.  That’s a lot of summer barbecues.

These massive drums are stored in a specialized, temperature controlled tank-room that is occasionally visible from the restaurant.  Utilizing pressurized tubes they deliver beer directly to the tap allowing your bartender to work all night without ever having to change a keg.

Yet, the real advantage of tank beer, aside from the sheer glory of it’s quantity, is the flavor.  There is just more of it.  They don’t have to pasteurize this beer because it’s kept from brewery to truck to tank to glass at just the right temperature.  Also, every tank must turn over every two weeks ensuring the freshest beer.

Better still, tank beer is delivered by tanker trucks.  There is nothing like seeing a Pilsner tank truck driving by to make you believe that you’re in the promise land.

Resupplying the pub.

Seeing this just makes me daydream about the truck being knocked over by a tram, cracking the tank, and creating a beer fountain for me to frolic under.

"Just hook it to my veins"






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3 Responses to Plzeňské pivo z tanku

  1. tanya marvinney says:

    Well dad liked this post but I myself was looking forward to “more on the Austrian Alps ” and the climbing….. plus pictures. Yes?

  2. Logan says:

    First, I’d like to express my appreciation for the start-up of the blog. Also, I’ve been reading Ukrainian travel blogs that also reference the tank, usually on the street, but I have yet to see one. I can’t wait to have my first tank beer; when I do I’ll be thinking of you.

    • ianmarvinney says:

      Make sure to send me a picture of the street tank. It can’t be the same. The tanks they have here are massive and kept in temperature controlled rooms. Though there is one pub that has bar-window service (imagine a window sill crafted to function as a bar table). When you walk past in the summer some old Praguer is always standing at the window nursing a pint. It’s awesome.

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