What the what?

I was riding the tram back from a job.  It was an auspicious morning until the conductor rousted a comically round, desperately homeless gypsy from the train.  He was ticket-less and asleep.  When asked to leave the gypsy (whose bulbous stomach poked out beneath his ill fitting sweater) argued in a high-pitched rasp while immediately complying.  Yet as soon as the conductor turned his back, the gypsy hopped back on.

This time a small, blond Czech woman started yelling at him from a few rows back and, understanding that she had no power to evict him, he gained courage to agitatedly rasp back until the conductor removed him a second time.  Instead of admitting defeat he took the moral high ground and, using the tram platform as a podium, dropped his dirty sweats six inches exposing genitalia which he started shaking violently while rasping intently at the blond.

I didn’t look back but I could hear his cries long after the tram had pulled away.


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4 Responses to What the what?

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks Ian, now I can’t stop imagining this. UGH– that poor lady! I would have gone mental

  2. Stephen says:

    My spying/catching up with your life begins with this post… well the Nail Bar one first. Still, you should know I picked up my Passport app today and will be bringing all the proper id in next week to start the Prague process.

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