Crusti Croc

They may need to rethink this one before making a bid for the American market.


The slogan “Crunch a Crusti Croc” may not have the desired effect with consumers.

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5 Responses to Crusti Croc

  1. Elias says:

    Look, the Czech food industry can come up with all the clever snacks they want. But they will never defeat good old American ingenuity. Snap into a performance-enhancing meat snack today.

  2. liam dolan says:

    hello are the crusti croc bacon rashers gluten free?

  3. AnonymeanJ says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but its worth a try…

    Had a debate with someone on whether non-pork eaters (Muslims, Jews, or others who restrain from pork) can eat Crusti Croc Bacon Snacks.

    I’ve read the ingredients and it says nothing of pork and anything related to pork. Not even the ‘smoky bacon flavour’…

    Can they eat it or what? Any reliable source…?

    • ianmarvinney says:

      Having no qualifications as to Muslim law or the food sciences related I would say definitively no, they can’t eat Crusti Croc Bacon Snacks, chew bacon bubble gum or use pork scented bath products – regardless of whether they actually contain dead pigs. It’s a moral issue: have faith, don’t cheat.

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