It’s all fun and games until someone has to get a job…

Ack! My course is half over and it turns out that I have the same problems in Prague that I did in New York: jobs and apartments (and girls, but we all need good problems).  It’s the real world over here, only the beer is better and more plentiful.

At school today we had a careers fair.  Four recruiters represented themselves.  One pitched an enticing Asia: the land of free money.  Another sung a slightly creepy song about the corporate market for English in Prague, as taught by his highly corporate school.  A third introduced a typical Czech English School while the fourth, who could barely speak English herself (claiming “I’m going to break my tongue”), made employement seem easy.

There are myriad schools representing a vast array of flavors: now I just need to seduce one into giving me 20,000kc a month (with transit pass and visa assistance).  It’s either that or getting the S. Koreans to fly me into Asia this February, or the Greeks to toss me into a village, or the Ukrainians to pay for everything because they want English too and no-one wants to live in central-Ukraine.

All those weird and wonderful places aside: I think I’m geared to stay in Prague for a few months, at least.  It’s a bountiful market and it’d be nice to gain experience in a somewhat recognizable culture.

Anyway, I still have to get this TESL certificate before I can get a good job.  So back to that in the morning….

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7 Responses to It’s all fun and games until someone has to get a job…

  1. Anne says:

    Hey Ian, I hope you will stay a bit longer in Prague and cross the border to Germany in the near future.
    Martha and I will go to Greenville/Otisville in November 🙂 !

    • ianmarvinney says:

      Anne! I’ve got a job in Prague now and will probably stay until June, at least. I was hoping to come visit when I have to leave in a month or two for Visa reasons. I’ll send you an email with more details.

      • Anne says:

        You are welcome at any time. Just remember that I will be in the States from Nov. 9th – 24th. Can´t wait to see all again.

        If you come in December – lets walk around the christmas market …

  2. Chris says:

    Well just remember why you went out there in the first place. Because I don’t. Miss ya pal. Hope you’re finding a moment or tow to enjoy yourself.

  3. Kari Tracy says:

    We miss you tons! Went to your parents yesterday to visit with the Longonos and Ella was very upset when she asked if Ian would be there and I had to respond ‘no, he’s in a land very far away.’ First came the ‘Why’ followed by many more why’s when i tryed to explain. lol Good luck with your job hunt.

  4. cara says:

    mmm, did she mean she was going to break your tonugue? i would go w/ that one

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